Explore the Solar System in the Year 2193

Finally! After many years of intensive research, scientists of the United Sol Nations (U.S.N.) have decoded a part of the Eldar data fragment in the year 2193. The cryptic message reads: “Four star map fragments pave the way”. What do the Eldar want to tell us? Does the message hold the solution for penetrating the protective shield of the only known intact Eldar city since the data theft? In this tactical and cooperative card game, together with your crewmates you will travel the solar system as a member of the U.S.N. to find the star map fragments. You must work together to successfully complete the mission!


What is Rostaerium?

Rostaerium is a tactical cooperative card game for 2-4 players. You travel the solar system in the year 2193, fight exciting battles and defeat nasty bosses. Depending on your chosen game mode, rewards are mighty treasures and star map fragments or Rostaerium crystals.

How many game modes does Rostaerium have?

Rostaerium has two game modes, Exploration and Adventure. In Exploration mode, we tell an exciting story. In Adventure mode, all encounters are randomized, so each game session feels unique.

How long does a typical game session last?

The duration of each game session is about 30-40 minutes. Exploration mode offers a total of 150-200 minutes of pure excitement. In Adventure mode, you must first decide how many Rostaerium crystals you want to collect. You can collect up to three Rostaerium crystals in one game session. The difficulty level increases with each Rostaerium crystal collected. It will take you about 90-120 minutes to collect all three Rostaerium crystals. You can play Rostaerium during a lunch break or on an awesome extended game night.

Where and when can I buy Rostaerium?

Rostaerium will be released soon. Follow us on social media or regularly check the website for the latest information.

How can I support you?

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about Rostaerium and share our news on social media.

Where do I find more information about Rostaerium?

Browse our website or our social media sites.


 Freya Lind


 Yorg Werner


Freya is the expedition leader of the team. She is the head of drone research on Mars and fights against the Xeno Marsects.

Yorg Werner is a military strategist. He protects Rostaerium transports against scavenger clans in the asteroid belt, especially Juno.



3N41  & Niru


Rælk is a peaceful person and was one of the first ambassadors of Titan. He has proven himself a valuable friend and ally of the U.S.N. through his efforts in medical research.

3N41 had been built as AN01 by G.V.T. in 2053 and was later improved with Rostaerium crystals by GAIA. Since 2137, it belongs to the U.S.N. and is used for support missions. For several years, the dog Niru has accompanied 3N41 on its missions.




 Louis Morveau


The Queen seems to be the head of the Xeno Marsects. She demonstrates powerful rostaeric abilities and has fought against the Martians since the first contact in the year 2056. Her acid attacks should not be underestimated either.

President Louis Morveau has been the head of GAIA for 64 years. During his presidency, GAIA further strengthened its position in terraforming as well as biogenetics with the help of rostaeric energy. He is loved by the lunar citizens and known for his great charm.



Kalea Aran


G.V.T. developed the VB series of medium battle robots for rapid deployment in combat with destructive firepower. VB-12/05 is equipped with a railgun, a missiles launcher, and a plasma cannon.

Kalea joined the Scavengers to fight the mistreatment of her species. She has united several smaller Scavenger clans and is now leader of the Cybercorns. Kaela loves to raid in the Asteroid Belt.

 Ancient Droid


No one knows much about the Ancient Droid. It first appeared on Titan during the solar system's wide broadcast of the exploration of the Eldar City. However, the city's protective shield prevents any further search for information.